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Catering Categories

Find the Event that fits your needs

Sometimes, the most difficult part of hosting an event is finding a cohesive menu that makes sense. Many clients look for themed events. Some want an entire cuisine built around their event. With our Event Categories, we've got you covered. From Picnics and BBQs to Corporate Luncheons and Themed Events, you can be sure Celebrity Catering has everything you need.

Our Story

Celebrity Catering was founded by the owners of Celebrity Delly. With more than 47 years of catering, Celebrity Catering's mission is to provide the same quality you have come to expect from Celebrity Delly but with the added benefit of offering a larger menu to more locations than ever. 

When you order from Celebrity Catering you can be sure to enjoy your event. From our catering specialists to our drivers and our banquet servers, we have you covered. Not only are we steeped in the tradition of quality catering, but we also cater to some of the largest companies in the United States. So, chose Celebrity Catering for your event and every event you have. With options abounding, you can trust we are the ones to go to for all of your needs.

Catering Categories

Our Clients

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