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Celebrity Catering specializes in all of your Jewish holiday needs. With over 48 years of experience, you can be sure your event will be catered to perfection. 


The menu


Our Passover menu consists of a
selection of options from Brisket, and Salmon Dinners to, Chicken, & Turkey Dinners. 

Our Dinners serve a minimum of 5 people 

Pre-order today for 4/22

*If you require an order outside of this pack size (for example 6 people), you can feel free to contact our catering specialists and they will be able to accommodate your unique situation.

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Our breakfast options are the perfect way to start your event day!


Bagel & Spreads image

Bagel & Spreads

(Serves 10) We are bringing you the most amazing Bagels in town. We are proud to serve Fresh Baked Bethesda Bagels. These assorted bagels are served by the dozen and are accompanied by an assortment of cream cheeses.


Muffin Danish Bagel image

Muffin Danish Bagel

(Serves 10) An assortment of Fresh Baked Muffins, Danishes, & Bagels are accompanied by butter, jams, jellies, and cream cheese.


Wall Street image

Wall Street

(Serves 10 people) Assorted Yogurts surrounded by Oven-Baked Bagels topped with Premium Jellies, Cream Cheese, and Butter.


★ Ultimate Breakfast image

★ Ultimate Breakfast

(Serves 10 people) This is the end all be all breakfast. Locally Sourced Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Home Fries, Bagels, Cream Cheese, and jelly.


Breakfast Burrito Wraps  image

Breakfast Burrito Wraps

(Serves 10 people) Locally sourced eggs , bacon or sausage, and cheese or no cheese accompanied by home fries or fresh fruit









Make them Vegetarian


Make them Vegan


Add Avocado


Parfaits  image


(Serves 10 people) Our delicious Organic Greek Yogurt is naturally sweetened with locally sourced honey, blended with fresh fruit compote, and topped with steel-cut oat granola.


Classic American Breakfast image

Classic American Breakfast

(Serves 10) Our Locally sourced eggs are accompanied by our housemade buttermilk blue ribbon pancakes, crispy maple bacon, and home fries.


Douwe Egberts Coffee (1 Tote) image

Douwe Egberts Coffee (1 Tote)

(Serves 12 People) This Belgian delight is brought to you fresh & piping hot in a cardboard coffee tote. It is accompanied by creamer, sweetener, and 8oz coffee cups.


Gluten free
Hot Tea (1 tote) image

Hot Tea (1 tote)

(Serves 10 People) You will receive a large selection of herbal teas at your leisure. These teas are accompanied by sweeteners, creamer, 8oz cups, stirrers, and lemon.


Gluten free


Assorted Beverages (10 cans) image

Assorted Beverages (10 cans)

(Serves 10 People)


Diet Coke (10 cans) image

Diet Coke (10 cans)

(Serves 10 People)


Sprite (10 cans) image

Sprite (10 cans)

(Serves 10 People)


Water (10 bottles) image

Water (10 bottles)

(Serves 10 People)


Gluten free
Sparkling Water (10 bottles) image

Sparkling Water (10 bottles)

(Serves 10 People)


Gluten free
Iced Tea (1 tote) image

Iced Tea (1 tote)

(Serves 10 people) Our Freshly brewed Iced Tea is accompanied by lemons and sweetener. It is provided to you through cardboard totes.


Gluten free



Roasted Turkey

Baked Chicken


Holiday Catering
done right

When you care to provide the best for your guests, you shouldn't have to do all the work. That is why Celebrity Catering provides reheating instructions for all of our Rosh Hashanah orders. 


7263A Arlington Blvd

Falls Church, VA 22042

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 11am - 8pm
​​Saturday: 9am - 8pm
​Sunday: 9am - 3pm

Fresh Baked Goods Made Fresh Daily

Our commitment to the highest quality ingredients is second to none. Our in-house bakers provide the freshest baked goods right to your door.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Office was so thrilled with the spread from Celebrity. Sandwiches were fresh.  ”

Amy from Alexandria

“The Breakfast sandwiches and the watermelon basket were perfect for an early meeting! Celebrity Deli arrived on time and were very quick to set up, food was delicious!”

Jan from Arlington

“The presentation was impeccable and the service of this restaurant was amazing. Everything was ready on time and well put together for pick up. Quality ingredients and generous portions!”

Meredith from Washington DC

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