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Are you planning an event? 

 Explore our private dining experience

Thinking of catering your next event? Not a problem. Our staff is prepared to work with you to craft a menu that works for your unique event.

We offer various menus tailored to your occasion and budget, from corporate events to premier gatherings.


Premier Catering

We offer a large selection, but sometimes you're looking for something a bit more luxurious. Our experts can make that happen.


Standard Delivery

Our most popular option by far is our Standard Delivery of catered meals. 75% of all of our events fall under this category and we are extremely practiced in this kind of event

Portrait of waiter and waitress holding a serving tray with glass of cocktail.jpg

Staffed Events

When you need some assitance with you event, our trained bartenders and servers along with our catering manager will make sure your event is properly staffed and cared for.

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